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Saturday, November 05, 2005
  Google now pays to help spread Firefox!
It seems that now Google has given the Firefox community a boost of support by paying publishers $1.00 for every Firefox download with Google Toolbar from their website. As Firefox 1.5RC1 is now available for download, the race to gain serious market share in the browser market has now been reborn. At 11% marketshare (read ZDNet news), Firefox is determined to show signs of continued progress. Support Firefox! For more information on how to do add the Adsense Functionality to your site and support Firefox go to the AdSense FAQ or click on one of the buttons under the "Google Stuff" sidebar, on the bottom right, to try out Firefox or Adsense!

Great news.It's hard to imagine that firefox has become even better!
Now it's an ultimate browser, I guess.

Download Firefox 2
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