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Saturday, August 06, 2005
  The life of a Nigerian scammer
I remember a while back when I received an email on my Yahoo! mail account notifying me that I had just been chosen as a recipient of $50,000 from a deceased benefactor. I was pretty skeptical about the email itself, so I replied by asking if the offer was legitimate. The response followed with a yes and inquired for my personal information such as my address and my name. I Googled the contents of the email and sooner or later found out that it was a derivative of the infamous "Nigerian Scam". So what categorizes this type of scam as Nigerian? The answer is that most of the Nigeriam scams basically entail the bequeathing of a large sum of money from a benefactor and ask for your bank account information to deposit the money. Instead, the money from your bank account is wired to Nigeria, where the scammers are usually located, and is lost forever. iWon News has posted an interesting article about the life of a Nigerian Scammer and how they have been able to reap the benefits (2 houses and 3 cars in Kele B.'s case) by working with anonymous emails from remote internet cafes.
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