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Sunday, August 07, 2005
  AJAX to take over the Windows Desktop
In about maybe 5 years, my prediction is that the Operating System level will almost be obsolete in terms of what will run applications. Long gone will be the constant struggle to develop applications that will run on all platforms and the need to transfer configurations and data so that applications will run everywhere. The web application server (WebSphere, Geronimo, JBoss) will become the new Operating System and the revolution will be complete. The tide is slowly turning and I'm beginning to see the fruits of the work that is driving the rebellion. AJAX applications such as Google Personalized Search, Google Maps, GMail, and others are transforming the way we look at web applications. They have become more flexible, powerful, dynamic, and rich in user interfaces. 5 years is my prediction. Wired has just posted an article about the revolution that is ebbing and waiting to blossom.
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