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Saturday, July 23, 2005
  My Movie Reviews for Summer 2005!
Apres Vous, *** of *****

A good French movie that dissects into the life of a man who wants to help another after the latter attempted to commit suicide. A very funny romantic comedy but only worthy of amusement. Don't take this movie too seriously because it basically is twisted in a sense.

Batman Begins, ** of *****

I wasn't fond of the acting nor was I fond of the story line. Some things didn't fall into place and some scenes should've been remade so it falls into place with the movie. I felt that the entire plot was forced instead of drawn out.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, ** of *****

This movie would've better if the movie wasn't too weird and if the script and the plot were reworked. It seemed like everyone was trying too hard to make this movie more different than the original, or even better. I don't think I would call this a classic.

Crash, **** of *****

I really like this movie because it was beautifully made. The actors in here make the movie come alive and the storyline is great! You won't be disappointed. Its not as powerful as I thought it would be, but the message is clear and thought provoking.

HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, **** of *****

The best movie I have seen this summer! Hilarious and intelligent plot. I loved the way things just sort of happened in this movie. Somehow everything just falls into place and it becomes quite of a spectacle.

Star Wars Episode III, *** of *****

Its a Star Wars movie! This movie was better produced than the others and it actually seemed like a decent movie to me. Although it didn't meet my expectations of a great movie, you should watch it because this is a George Lucas classic.

War of the Worlds *** of *****

I actually liked this movie because I heard many not so good things about it. I thought the acting was great but the ending was too abrupt. There should have been more explanation and screenplay, although it seemed like a movie that had a smooth plotline going all along. Some parts of the movie are kind of dark and eery. But I guess that's expected in a movie of this nature.
Hehe - you write like you talk, Yongshin. BTW, March of the Penguins wasn't that great either. Like most of the movies this summer, the trailer already showed the best parts. Expectations and hype have overwhelmed the reality of the films this summer. To connect with your post above, Lance should go out right now, the way he is, on top, his reality exceeding the expectations and hype.
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